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Life for Chastity was starting to turn around for the best. She’s reunited with her brother, got a boyfriend, and even gained a friend in Dottie. Clark knew the moment he saw...

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Born into the modest legacy of a blacksmith grandfather and chambermaid mother, Orla was happy with the way her life was panning out. That was until an age-old legacy, potent...

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When Professor Alice Prescott writes a best-selling novel based on her passionate, once-troubled marriage to journalist Tom Winslow, the couple's quiet Connecticut life is...

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Still in high school, Marisol Reyes gets the chance of a lifetime to be a real singer, and she leaps at it. After all, this is the dream she held on to, all the days and...

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From the moment Katy sees Genevieve's beautiful face staring at her from a window, her life will never be the same. Wherever Katy turns, Genevieve is there - at school, with...

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