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The eleventh volume in the Evidence-based Clinical Chinese Medicine series is a must read for Chinese medicine practitioners interested in dermatology. Using a 'whole evidence' approach, this book aims to provide an analysis of the management of acne vulgaris with Chinese and integrative medicine.This book describes the understanding and management of acne vulgaris with conventional medicine and Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine treatments used in past eras are analysed through data mining of classical Chinese medicine books. Several treatments are identified that are still used in contemporary clinical practice. Attention is then turned to evaluating the current state of evidence from clinical studies using an evidence-based medicine approach. Scientific techniques are employed to evaluate the results from studies of Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and other Chinese medicine therapies. The findings from these reviews are discussed in terms of the implications for clinical practice and research.Chinese medicine practitioners and students can use this book as a desktop reference to support clinical decision making. Having ready access to the current state of evidence for herbal formulas and acupuncture treatments allows practitioners to be confident in providing evidence-based health care.This book provides an innovative 'whole evidence' approach to the management of acne vulgaris. Multiple types of evidence from different sources are reviewed and synthesized to provide a summary of the available evidence.Interventions, including oral and topical Chinese herbal medicine, body and ear acupuncture and combinations of these therapies, are evaluated for their effect on acne lesion count and severity, and impact on health-related quality of life.Chinese medicine treatments that have been frequently used in clinical studies provide guidance for patient care. This book links formulas, herbs and acupuncture points with treatment efficacy, providing the reader with potential for creating new formulas.The editors of this series are internationally recognised, well-respected leaders in the field of Chinese medicine and evidence-based medicine with strong track records in research.

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