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Al acceder o descargar libros electrónicos de The Luminescent Star (K.1.2. Book 1), puede ver la opción de seleccionar libros electrónicos en formato PDF o EPUB. EPUB es un formato de archivo y estándar de libro abierto que está optimizado para ver en dispositivos. Los PDF no son re-fluidos, por lo que su tamaño de texto no se puede ajustar para mostrarlos en varios dispositivos.

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K.1.2 is a secret agent working for the international spy agency TTN. She has been given the mission of recapturing the criminal Zelé Colt, but this may prove too difficult, even for her.And there’s a catch, she’s a sixteen year old girl, who also has to deal with being a teenager, and everything that comes with it, including school and boys……

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PERSONALIZED BOOK WITH YOUR CHILD'S NAME ON THE COVER AND IN THE STORY!First time ever on Kindle! Get the whole I Am a STAR personalized book series."This is the best rhyming...

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Earth builds her first war fleet! The greatest warships ever constructed in known space rise up one by one, soon dominating our skies. They strike fear into the hearts of...

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Synopsis: "Radio Star" is a 1940's radio detective spoof. In The Case of the Long Distance Lover, Nick McKitrick; Private Dick, is hired by femme fatale Fanny LaRue to find...

Five Star Billionaire Documento PDF

In the Man Booker prize-longlisted ‘Five Star Billionaire’ Tash Aw charts the overlapping lives of migrant Malaysian workers, forging lives for themselves in sprawling...

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Endre is a regular kid living under the communist regime in Hungary when a meeting with a girl thrusts him and his friends into the outbreak of the 1956 revolution.

The Luminescent Star (K.1.2. Book 1) Paginas Epub Gratis

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Highlights the life and achievements of the popular singer and songwriter, including her childhood, early career in country music, rise to fame as a pop star, and charitable...

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