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Born into the modest legacy of a blacksmith grandfather and chambermaid mother, Orla was happy with the way her life was panning out. That was until an age-old legacy, potent and all consuming, snatched her away from everything she knew and loved. Love, and only love, could guide her back to her soul mate.Young and powerful, Sterling commanded the army of the most prestigious kingdom in the realm. She too had her future mapped out for her. Win back the Wastelands, find a mate and succeed her mother to the throne. But between a loyal horse, a woman and formidable, mystical beings, she lost sight as to the order in which she needed to accomplish her dream. Love, and love alone, was her beacon in this cluttered quest.

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When Professor Alice Prescott writes a best-selling novel based on her passionate, once-troubled marriage to journalist Tom Winslow, the couple's quiet Connecticut life is...

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From the moment Katy sees Genevieve's beautiful face staring at her from a window, her life will never be the same. Wherever Katy turns, Genevieve is there - at school, with...

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Life for Chastity was starting to turn around for the best. She’s reunited with her brother, got a boyfriend, and even gained a friend in Dottie. Clark knew the moment he saw...

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Still in high school, Marisol Reyes gets the chance of a lifetime to be a real singer, and she leaps at it. After all, this is the dream she held on to, all the days and...

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Rejected? Heartbroken? Looking for love?Listen to someone who’s been there.Walk with Nelson T. Dy as he revisits the road of his own heartbreak and presents many of the...

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