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Life on the Res. is about to get worse-much worse. The hunter becomes the hunted, the saved the damned in this taut, dark suspenseful thriller that takes place within the corrupt Indian gaming world, where control, of a vast drug and casino empire is at stake. Caught in the middle of this battleground are John Moon, an Indian attorney on the verge of suicide, and Alison Steele, a smart and attractive businesswoman about to be cheated out of millions by the cartel. Cristobal Joaquin, the head of an American drug cartel sends his brother Samuel, a vicious enforcer, to eliminate the few people left standing in his way to secure a drug route from Mexico through the reservation. When Samuel murders the tribe’s spiritual leader, and John and Alison’s close friend, fate throws them together in a plot to revenge his death. Driven by the demons in his head, Samuel’s taste for blood grows as does the trail of bodies left scattered in the desert, as he hunts for Alison. As Samuel closes in, John devises a dangerous plan to lure him into a deadly trap, using an unsuspecting Alison as bait, and they flee into the nearby mountains, where it becomes terrifyingly apparent to Alison that there are two madmen after her. One who wants her dead, and another who wants to never let her go. Much Loose Change’s cast of memorable characters, collide in the turbulent, fast-life, decadent underbelly of the New American West. And how it will all end is anybody’s guess.

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