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The parents guide to swimming, July 5, 2003 Reviewer: Rebecca Uhl- van Oostendorp from Oxford, MS United States As a past competitive swimmer and current USS swimming coach, I cannot expressenough gratitude to Dr. Arata for the invaluable asset he offers to parents,swimmers and coaches alike.? This bookis the answer to the question parents often ask: 'We don't know anythingabout swimming; is there anything to read?'? THIS is it!? Theinformation in this book will provide the security, comfort and knowledge forany new parent whose child is entering swimming.? Moreover, it enables them to understand, support and encouragetheir child in this wonderful lifelong sport.?I am buying and distributing copies to my team.? Thank you, Dr. Arata, for putting into thewritten word what ordinarily takes years to otherwise get across.The Handbook for all Parents of Swimmers, July 5,2003Reviewer: Roger W Rechsteiner from Lubbock TX This is a terrific book!? How I wish I'dhad it when my own swimming daughter was feeling 'burned out'.? Dr. Arata has great ideas on how to motivatekids past that stage so they have a chance to fulfill their potential.? A wonderful resource on training, diet ?everything!? Super A+!Great information for parents of competitive swimmers!,July 6, 2003Reviewer: Terre Christensen Parents' Guide to Swimming is a much needed tool for parents ofcompetitive swimmers.? In it I foundinformation on every topic an involved parent would need, especially a parentlacking a swimming background. ?Arata'sperspective on the role of parents and coaches is especially helpful.? He provides suggestions as to how parentscan help their children succeed in competitive swimming while leaving thecoaching to the coach.? A very worthyread packed full of good information on topics ranging from nutrition toflexibility to how to find a suitable program for your swimmer.? A must have!The Parents' Guide toSwimming isthe parents? manual for the mental, physical and practical aspects ofcompetiti

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