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This book provides various insights on the overall HANA modeling process, which essentially involves the activities such as requirement analysis for the KPIs, solution design, creating information models (views), implementing SQL Script based solutions, performance optimization of the models, testing and validations. It will help the learners, in understanding the practical application of various SAP HANA modeling concepts to achieve complex reporting requirements.The contents of this book includes various building blocks of HANA modeling solutions:Key features and use cases of SAP HANA platform to address various requirements related to analyticsProject planning approaches such as requirement analysis, implementation methodology and solution design aspects related to native HANAImplementing Calculation views for different reporting requirements – Modeling Concepts and practical examplesSQL Script programming concepts and applications Data validation and debugging techniques related to HANA modelsBest practices for modeling HANA views, managing the changes and transportsPerformance analysis tools and optimization methods for HANA modelsCase studies and solution approaches using graphical modeling and SQL script

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