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Violet Webster is a bride on the run. The last thing she wants is to get married, especially to a stranger twice her age. However, agreeing to be a mail-order bride had been her only option and it paid the steep passage to San Francisco so she could locate her father. She’d find him too, if only her betrothed’s son would stay out of her way. Garrett Sutherlin is on a mission. Delivering the striking, ebony haired beauty to his father’s doorstep not only paid off his debt, the effort would grant him freedom from the man’s condescending hold. As far as he’s concerned, Miss Webster made her own bed. Unfortunately, his father will be the one to lie beside her.

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Coal Dust on Your Feet is a historical ethnography of Shamokin, Pennsylvania and its surrounding borough of Coal Township. This anthracite coal fueled the industrial...

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Casey is a hard working city girl with little on her resume of life’s experiences.Now she is fed up with her lack of life and wants adventure, thrills and excitement while...

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If you were suddenly promoted to leadership without warning and had one hour to prepare, what would you do? Where would you look for advice? That is the formidable task of...

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