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Sports entertainment is full of larger-than-life characters, but none more so than The Rock, John Cena, and Sheamus! Young readers can find out about the Superstars' early years, their training, and biggest championship wins. Discover how The Rock became "The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment," read about John Cena's battles at WrestleMania, and find out how Sheamus won the Tag Team Championship.DK's reading program is leveled into stages to help every child progress and become a confident reader. This Level 2 book features engaging and highly illustrated topics with true kid appeal. Lively narrative spreads are supported with captions and annotations to get young readers excited about three of WWE's most well-known stars. With longer sentence structures and increasingly complicated vocabulary and terminology, Meet the Champions draws on the exciting world of sports entertainment to engage fans and help them build their literacy skills and develop their confidence in reading alone.

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