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Presents an easy-to-read biography of Christopher Columbus, who saw many adventures for his future and soon set sail to see the world, eventually heading to China where he came upon a whole new world in the process. Reissue.

Christopher the Christmas Cow Patria PDF

Not many people know this, but the same day that Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer was born, a little cow named Christopher was also born in a barn beside Santa’s workshop....

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New titles in our popular animal series introduce young readers to five dinosaur species plus a family of flying prehistoric reptiles (the Pterosaurs). In each book, a child...

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Sports entertainment is full of larger-than-life characters, but none more so than The Rock, John Cena, and Sheamus! Young readers can find out about the Superstars' early...

Top Dog: Impress And Influence Everyone You Meet Gratis Formato Epub

Get the results you want and come out as the Top Dog in every conversation Fancy being the Top Dog in all your dealings? Fed up of feeling like the underdog? So many of us...

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Chronicles the emigration of the Drake family from Virginia to the Kentucky wilderness in 1788, their settlement, home construction, daily chores, education, food,...

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Todays cafs are the ultimate multi-use facility, part social gathering venue, part home office and study hall, they each have unique requirements based on the needs of their...

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