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New resident Lindsay Mason becomes a temporary hostage inside Oahu’s Lanakila Mall. Her attacker whispers a garbled message before he disappears. Officials refute her account of events and within hours, two thugs fire at her, destroying a mansion as she escapes. Charismatic Nicholas Bennett, a laid-back, high-profile islander, becomes her only resource for survival. As the pursuit intensifies, Nick calls upon a wide range of contacts to keep Lindsay alive, including Lance Ipo, a childhood friend familiar with both sides of the law. In a run for their lives, they are chased aboard a catamaran, then witness a hit-and-run and death in a parking lot. The focus of their troubles turns to music discs, which is part of the Mall's operations and traceable back to a Chicago Mafia family. A daring foray into Lanakila’s executive office suite allows Nick to play out an elaborate "scam" that halts the perpetrators in their quest for illicit financial power.Buckle up; ISLAND RUN is a rollercoaster action ride packed with lush greenery, fast boats, and colorful characters.Approximately 87,400 words; 350 pages based on standard count.

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"The Island of the Fay," is classified as an example of Poe's "plate articles"--brief essays that were written specifically to satisfy the taste of his diverse readers. In...

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From Treasure Island to Robben Island, from the paradise of Thomas More's 'Utopia' to Napoleon's purgatory on Elba, islands have proved irresistible to mankind's imagination...

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Rhode Island's contribution to World War II vastly exceeded its small size. Narragansett Bay was an armed camp dotted by army forts and navy facilities. They included the...

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Uno de los autores más leídos en formato digital.Este libro contiene la primera parte de Caribbean Island o Single 1.“Tras el éxito de El Círculo con decenas de miles de...

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