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When I arrived in Portland, I was very overwhelmed with my life. Sometimes we find ourselves being pulled in too many directions, affected by too many forces. I was feeling very much alone. I left Portland feeling refreshed and whole as if I had found out for the first time that I was part of something larger, something substantial, something other than myself and my problems. I left ready to face the world and my demons instead of doing what I was before: running from them.I wrote this short poem book in my time there, mostly late at night after a random music or art event that my cousin had very kindly brought me along to. I found myself more inspired than at any other time in my life. I wrote these poems with no intent, no purpose, other than the overwhelming need to write. They capture my mentality at the time I was there, like a photograph; hopefully acting as a time piece to concrete this time into my memory and into the future of my work.

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