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This book is an exploration of the history and ideology of Revisionist Zionism--the stream of Zionism represented by the ruling Likud Party in Israel--from its inception in the 1920s under Vladimir Ze'ev Jabotinsky, to its modification under Herut Party leader Menahem Begin and up until the present. After a chapter that discusses the main features of Revisionist Zionism under Jabotinsky each of the four Likud Party leaders receives two or three chapters, with the first (and second in Begin's case) discussing their early life, early career in the party and rise to party leadership. The final chapter of each leader's biography discusses his period as party leader and prime minister as well as his legacy both for the party and for Israel. A highlight is a lengthy overview of the underground careers of both Menahem Begin as leader of the Irgun Zvai Leumi paramilitary organization and Yitzhak Shamir as leader of the Lohemei Herut Israel (Stern Group) paramilitary organization, both in the 1940s. A conclusion looks at the common characteristics that the five leaders share and how the party may evolve in the future.

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