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How can loving, kind, compassionate plantation owners justify and promote slavery? How can slaves, in turn, become slave owners? What happened after the Civil War to the Charleston mulatto culture of the 1700s and 1800s? This is the story of The Lost Mulattos.What a strange title, you may think. What a derogatory term, mulattos, you may say. Mulattos are likened to mules, the result of breeding donkeys and horses. They are hybrids, the product of miscegenation between planters, indentured servants, Indians and slaves of all colors, the children of rape, abuse, love, and our peculiar institution, slavery. Please don鈥檛 whisk them off the US census, drum them out of our family histories and keep them secret, as my grandmother did. Don鈥檛 whitewash them, identify them as cleanly bi-racial, make them good or evil, or disown their importance in our history. They were the glue of antebellum Charleston society. Them is me鈥 and perhaps you. The Lost Mulattos follows The UnPuritans as the second novel in The Hanscome Trilogy, a true, documented genealogical history of my family, the Hanscomes, and a tale that contradicts and challenges our traditional historical beliefs. The story begins at the young Thomas Hanscome鈥檚 fashionable Charles Town wedding in 1752. His father, the principled, Presbyterian John鈥檚 Island planter, Aaron Hanscome, has traded his slave-owning guilt for greed. Aaron鈥檚 legacy of building wealth from the backs of slaves is passed from father to sons and grandsons with no thought for the moral fiber of their souls. They accept the social order of slavery, buy more plantations and mansions in Charleston, prosper and multiply. The Hanscomes are the good, gentlemen slave owners who love and care for their slaves. Ask them after Sunday church services; they are most honorable. They support the Charleston elite, mulatto, slave owning, freedmen artisans and shopkeepers, who buffer the growing tinderbox of slavery. And why shouldn鈥檛 they? The mulattos are their sons and daughters. Follow the Hanscomes as they are threatened by slave rebellions, the Indian, Revolutionary and Civil Wars, fire, disease, extinction, enslavement and emigration. The Hanscome story of perseverance, love and loyalty continues in The WASPs, as they assimilate into the privileged class in 20th century Minneapolis.

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